Hustle Culture… GTFO

By Mitch Miller | Jan 1, 2023

I never understood all the hype around people telling entrepreneurs to hustle and all of this hustling talk. There is one type of person in this world who needs advice on hustling the least: Entrepreneurs. It’s like a kitchen full of bakers shouting to each other that to bake a great cake you gotta turn…

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Any Publicity Is Good Publicity?

By Mitch Miller | Dec 1, 2022

Any publicity is good publicity is only true if the publicity is still in line with your values and the beliefs of your core audience.

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People Don’t Sue People They Like

By Mitch Miller | Nov 1, 2022

“People don’t sue people they like”. This is a clue on how to lower the amount of people who ask you for a refund. There was an experiment/study done in which discovered the key determinant in a surgeon being sued for malpractice was the conversations prior to the surgery and how much the patient liked…

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I Love The D

By Mitch Miller | Oct 1, 2022

It’s been life changing… I salivate just thinking about it… I’ve always been scared to pull the trigger and do it the right way… but no more! It’s my my new favorite activity and it’s taking my life to the next level in fascinating and creative ways. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend…

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I Realized Something Disturbing Today

By Mitch Miller | Sep 1, 2022

I’ll tell you in a second, but first: This internet marketing thing is simply the largest sector of the Business opportunity seeker market. People seeking business opportunities to get rich. This market has existed forever. Lipstick on a pig, we call it internet marketing. Lipstick on a pig, we call it entrepreneurship. Lipstick on a…

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No Need To Talk Trash About Your Competition {Most Of The Time}

By Mitch Miller | Aug 1, 2022

You don’t have to try and convince people your product is better than the other guy. Just do a better job of convincing them why your product is damn good. Leave no doubt in their mind and they’ll choose you over them. Because it’s not a battle between you and your competitors, it’s a dance…

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I Hate Writing {Even This}

By Mitch Miller | Jul 1, 2022

I HATE writing. I literally write multi million dollar advertising for a living so how can Ihate it? Some of the best authors in the history of the world can sum it up better than I can: Gary Halbert: “Writing sucks. I hate to write. Anybody who says they like to write is either a…

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The Best Way To Get Clients Is To Be So Good At What You Do They Can’t Ignore It

By Mitch Miller | Jun 1, 2022

“How do I get clients Mitch, I tried the things you said and it didn’t work for me. I feel like I am just not getting traction and being taken seriously in my industry”. It didn’t work because you don’t know your stuff well enough to back yourself up and it’s subconsciously putting the brakes…

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When To Punch A Business Advisor In The Face

By Mitch Miller | May 1, 2022

Be weary of the marketing consultant who tries to stuff something new down your throat… remember this: Always start with where you are. If you are making any money at all, there are certain things you are doing to make it. We need to dig into what those are, and maximize them first. Here’s why……

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