12 Simple Steps To Advertising Success

12 simple steps to advertising success.

Crafting great advertising is like walking a tight rope between selling too hard and not selling hard enough.

Sell too hard and you draw suspicion, annoyance, kill rapport, and thus the sale.

Don’t sell hard enough you’ll show a lack of confidence, not answer all objections, and almost never close the deal due to not being complete.

Some of us say to just do a complete pitch and give em everything you got.

And that’s okay until it isn’t…

If I begin to over sell you on something you already want to pay me for, then it begins to draw suspicion, much like someone on a first date trying to prove themselves so hard – if they just acted normal they’d get the girl, but they fuck it up by overselling.

This is one of the biggest problems in writing an ad – we don’t know how much is enough or not enough!

The answer?

It’s actually a gut feeling.

Which I have.

One I had to build from scratch.

One that isn’t that hard to get – all you have to do is answer 12 questions about your market.

I’ve never revealed these before.

Once you answer them, you’ll have a new instinct when you write the ad of how far you gotta go to justify the sale to them.

Print these or have them handy when crafting an ad.

  1. Who do they have to justify it to/get permission from?
  2. Is that person generally supportive or critical?
  3. How big is their desire for the result the product provides?
  4. Is it low ticket or high ticket for them? (level of financial exposure)
  5. What are the odds of public/family embarrassment/failure?
  6. What are the odds of personal failure?
  7. Have they tried everything or are they fresh?
  8. How big is the potential pay off compared to the cash outlay?
  9. What does their cash flow situation look like?
  10. What does their time schedule look like?
  11. Who are they trying to impress/worried about the opinion of?
  12. How do they generally feel about your product or service category?