15 Business Horror Stories That’ll Make You Feel Better About Yourself

  1. Hiring a friend as my first employee only to have him mow lawns like a psycho – bulldozing over gardens, flowers, and decorations. Great way to lose business from the entire neighborhood.
  2. Starting a web design business on Craigslist to offer full custom wordpress websites for $99 because desperate to make money and undercut everyone. Wonderful way to get behind, attract the wrong people, have them hate you, get Paypal chargebacks, and bad yelp reviews.
  3. Miscalculate supplies and labor so the only way to finish the project is to sell the client an addon they don’t need.
  4. Spend your profits on guitars instead of fixing the transmission on the truck so you can have reverse and don’t have to be pushed out of parking spots by your clients.
  5. Sleeping with the clients daughter
  6. Sleeping with the clients mistress
  7. Undercharging so much on a basement renovation project that we ended up working 15+ hour days for 2 straight weeks for 25 cents profit split two ways.
  8. Investing my last dollars on neon, handwritten signage, placed 100 of them around the city with zero calls only to realize i put the wrong phone number on them.
  9. Locked our keys in the truck in Winter.
  10. Filled the truck with fuel
  11. When the truck actually required diesel fuel…
  12. Falling asleep and driving off the road
  13. Same as above but instead hit a deer.
  14. Same as above except was wide awake, sober, no seatbelt and hit a car full of drunk indians in a stolen vehicle who cut in front of me going 160.
  15. Writing my first advertisement for a client, took 3 weeks because i was nervous, booked trip to Mexico, snapped obnoxious beach laptop selfie, went to put finishing touches on VSL, entire laptop froze forever, never to start again. VSL lost forever. Entire trip ruined sulking around like a little bitch.