A Cheater’s Guide To World-Class Advertising

  1. Make a list of what they’d need to believe in order to buy from you or your direct competitors.
  2. Make a list of what they’d need to believe to choose you over all other options including doing nothing at all.
  3. Look at those lists and write down all the different ways you can prove each one of those beliefs to be true.
  4. Now create advice and stories that would naturally lead them to seeing each of those things are true.

You’ll be shocked at what you come up with.

Look at the picture in the comments section. I wrote a list of things my market would have to believe to get them to buy – note that those things look like great benefits to go into an ad! And they are – but that’s where most people stop…

They tell you those things just like that and… that’s it. They never actually make the list of ways in which what you are telling them to believe is true!

You can’t just tell people what to believe, you need to prove it to them!

I’ve been using this for years and it’s been taught by some of the greats as far back as 1910. It works and I use it to this day to uncover things I never thought about.

You now have a very powerful blueprint and base of ammo and insight to start from.