A Devious Way To Turn Haters Into Your Sales Team

Want an army of loud promoters tirelessly selling you to your most valuable and ideal prospects on their own dime?

Here’s how!

First of all, running ad campaigns to target your ideal market is sooo first quarter 2017, here’s the ninja way:

Decide the type of person you offend most – identify a group of people who are your perfect haters.

Then run campaigns directly to them!

You’ll only have to spend a small amount and soon you’ll have an angry offended army loudly talking bad about you and this is PERFECT.

You get free advertising – your perfect prospects will see this and instantly fall in love with you and begin crusading on your side.

They say you must be willing to repel who you don’t want so those who you attract the most will absolutely know what you are about.

I say let’s do reverse advertising – target potential haters not fans.

For example: Ryan holiday was hired to promote Tucker Max’s new book so they put up a billboard in central LA then proceeded to secretly spray paint and vandalize it to make it look like a feminist did it…

Feminists got on the bandwagon and it went incredibly viral. And attracted more positive attention from prospects than could ever be done with the billboard alone.