A Disturbingly Common Business Practice – Do This And I’ll Hurt You

There is a disturbing thing I see come up a few times per year and I have to talk about it because it’s important.

Business people blocking, shaming, and deleting customers from their world who ask for a refund, not “allowing” them to purchase again.

Ironically, every sales letter cheerfully and with an i’m your trusted buddy states: “no hassle no questions asked money back guarantee, and if you don’t love it it’s all good my friend just let me know!”

Yet if you ever ask for that refund you’ll be blocked, deleted and banned!

It’s time to stop treating refunds like an attack on your business and treat it like it really is: a routine and customary part of doing business.

As business people, we might as well not put a money back guarantee into our copy if our prospects are taught to be scared to take us up on it.

If you return a lamp to Walmart, they don’t ban you from coming in next time. If you hate your meal and refuse to pay for it, the restaurant doesn’t blacklist you.

Your customers are not your enemy, and if you see a chronic refunder, by all means block them, but that’s a very rare circumstance. Get used to refunds, embrace them, then get to work on product quality, customer service, and making so many sales you don’t have an emotional reaction to a refund.