A Multi-Million Dollar Copywriting Tip

Multi million dollar writing tip:

Let’s use songwriters to make this point.

There are two types of songwriters…

  1. One who spends 3 years trying to perfect one song (probably never
    ends up releasing it)
  2. One who writes hundreds of songs (admittedly most are terrible)

Who wins?

The second person always wins.

The repetition and raw experience will be what allow them to eventually create a hit song.

Copywriting is much the same.

You will eventually have a hit… IF you have been writing volume long enough to perfect your craft.

Being gun shy and not putting out material until it’s the best, will ensure you never get to practice your craft to get good enough to write that “best” piece anyway.

Volume is what makes you good, not perfecting one piece because you are secretly scared to release it.