A Rant About Money

The more you need the money, the less people want to give it to you.

People can smell desperation a mile away.

This traps 99% of everyone trying to make a buck in business… Because you DO need the money. So what’s the way out?

You don’t need the fucking money.

You need to put your petty bullshit desires on hold. Shift your focus to helping other people. You help yourself by first helping people, not the other way round.

It was how I got out of this trap, I started thinking about others.

You can wallow in self pity and cut yourself after work hours, but while you are active? Serve.

You aren’t going to die, you have water and a place to sleep. Most of you have GOOD lives, you are just drama queens. Who cares if you eat rice for 3 months and can’t get Starbucks, you know how hard it was to thrive in ancient times?

In business, you don’t matter until you help someone. This selfish attitude of needing to get before you give is a cancer you need to cut out of your body. Wanting to take before you give is how criminals are made, and I think people who operate like this are cancers to society. Parasites.

Give. Give. Give.

Then get yours.

Do it backwards and you are a parasite to the host and is it any wonder your strategies aren’t working when you repel anyone worth doing business with?

The world is what you decide it is, decide it’s an abundant place and go prove your worth. Give.