A Secret Trick To Finding All The Clients You Want Right Now

If you are looking for new clients to do projects with, do it this way:

In fact, doing it this way (the smart way), you can build your name in a
huge way almost instantly and here’s how…

I want you to target high profile, successful people so you can immediately raise your status in the marketplace.

  1. Go to Amazon and pick a niche you’d be comfortable working in
  2. Choose 5 sub niches within that niche and open them in new tabs
  3. Sort the books by best selling (It’s easier to work with a winner and someone who has traffic)
  4. Take the top 3 from those 5 sub niches (that’s 15 for the mathematically challenged like me)
  5. Google the authors and their books
  6. Do they have courses, programs, up-sells?
  7. Make a quick bullet point game plan of what you’d do and what it could do for them
  8. Record a face to camera video simply saying “I read your book, I loved it, especially the part about __. Due to my career, my mind started wandering, and how much cooler would it be if you had x home study companion product, and newsletter, and blah blah blah.. Well, that’s literally what I do for a living. I can set all that up for you, you just supply your genius. We could possibly do some sort of joint venture so we both don’t come out of pocket too much. I only work with people who are already doing great things, so that’s why I personally reached out. If this is something you know you probably need to do, then reach out to me here: xxxxxxx
  9. Do a deal together and split the profits.
  10. Leverage the success and name to build your name
  11. You’ll be SHOCKED at how many best sellers don’t have anything.Neil Strauss had nothing for The Game until Frank Kern came along and sold him on the idea of it. They partnered together and split millions