Are You Willing To Die For What You Stand For?

Marketers give themselves way too much credit for things they don’t
even do.

An example, instead of picking on someone obvious like Tai Lopez, or
Gary Vaynerchuk, let’s pick on me.

Look how I’m changing the game, creating success stories, breaking the
rules, showing the truth about marketing… While generating love,
opinions, admiration, and also hate from people.

Actually none of that is true. I’m not generating any of those things.

You guys already have your world views, as do I. I’m not generating
anything. Your biases and beliefs are already there and not going
anywhere. If you like my content it’s because I already share your

I don’t even create success stories, I just give people
permission to act on the things they already suspect to be true because
I provide a walking example.

You understand that?

I’m not creating a following, and I don’t have
followers, I’m not anything. I represent a certain worldview people are
attracted to. And I’m attracted to yours if it’s the same as mine.

I’m simply a vocal part of one that exists already. If I was gone it would
be someone else. And there are many others like me such as Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, Matt Trainer, George Carlin (RIP), Marilyn Manson, Bill Mahr, Henry Rollins, the RSD boys, a bunch of other marketers I respect , and really, anyone who questions life’s assumptions and doesn’t believe in conforming to the mindset of the masses.

When marketing, you aren’t changing anything, you just pick a choir to
preach to. They already believe what you want them to believe, there is
no convincing.

If you find yourself doing a lot of convincing, and and battling a lot of
resistance, you might be walking into a church with the Quran in your

That’s why it’s so stupid to see people battling effective marketing and
sales tactics around the internet marketing community. It’s like going
to church and battling parts of the bible with people who are busy
trying to pray. Get the fuck out! Go question your faith somewhere

We already have our metaphorical religions set about business and life.
As a marketer, you are just a walking mirror shining back to them their
own beliefs, and giving them the strength to stand by them.

If this disturbs you, and you need someone to bitch about, bitch about
the people in the church, not the priest because the priest is just filling a need that’s there regardless if he is there or not. You must be authentic and take responsibility to not sell things people will regret buying, do not be a fraud.

I’m willing to die for the things I stand for, and willing to stand on the
soapbox to gather more like us to show you that you don’t have to
listen to those other world views. Because we are the black sheep, we are the minority, and not only is it ok, It’s our motherfucking advantage! Take that former school teachers, bosses, and asshole kids!

I recently decided to unfriend someone, we weren’t close and I owe
him nothing or an explanation. He messaged me wanting to know why.

When I wasn’t interested in wasting the energy debating my decision,
he told me I’m weak, not a strong man, and that I can’t hide behind my
positioning forever – and I’m thinking “you don’t get it dude, I am not
doing positioning, I am my position.”

He tried everything he could do to hit below the belt, and what he
didn’t understand is you can’t land an insult on someone who knows
himself and his position.

And my position is that I stand for things like:

Questioning authority
Valuing privacy and right to it
Only following rules if they feel right to me
Self help and personal responsibility
Deep thinking
Truth over profits but profits are critical
Never settling for average
Being politically incorrect when needed
Helping others instead of cutting them down
Living in nuance and paradox
Not generalizing or being racist in anyway
Early adopter to ideas and technology
Interested in seeking the truth at all costs
Freedom over conformity
Being vocal about what you stand for
Against bullying
Championing for the underdogs
Tough love
Blunt conversation
No queasiness about selling and making money

If this worldview rubs you the wrong way, kindly fuck off then, there’s
nothing else for you here – you will never change me and vice versa.

To those who do resonate with these things, welcome home, I’m preaching
to the choir, and if you have friends like us, tell them to get over here
because it’s time to party.