Beware Of Good Business Advice

The problem with good advice is that it usually sounds good… but like a
wolf in sheep’s clothing, it can eat your face off.

The problem with taking advice is a hidden one…

Good advice is life changing within a specific context, and that same
good advice is absolutely destructive under a different one.

I cringe when someone gives advice without asking that person at least
10 questions first.

10 questions before thinking of advising. Because if you don’t, malpractice is likely.

Amateurs love to hear themselves talk in a one-on-one situation and in
doing so, don’t crack the surface of the person’s problem.

If getting advice, run for the hills of they aren’t asking you a million

If giving advice, punch yourself in the dick if you prescribe
without diagnosing.

Listen up doctor: Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

Be extremely careful of good advice because it could be the worst
advice you’ve ever received.