Fail Fast So You Can Get It Out Of The Way

In the first year and a half of running my first company, Opposed Media, this happened:

71 flights, 36 cities, 12 countries, millions in sales for our clients, 3 published books, 6 training courses, 3 mastermind retreats, 2 speeches, 32 media interviews, countless testimonials, and friends for life all around the world…

In just the first 1.5 years of non-stop traveling while building this business with
virtually no team, we also failed a lot.

9 failed projects, 4 client relationships go sour, cash flow issues, screaming matches, ruined passports, missing bank cards, broken hearts, haters, awkward conversations, firing employees, self doubt, and food poisoning.

We won and continue to win today because we take extreme risk and refuse to give up. And you can too.

No fear. No fucks given. Relentless pursuit of the dream – we can’t be stopped.

Take my advice and just go for it – trust me, it’s worth it.

Don’t hold back, don’t look back.