Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee (How To Have A Sharp Mind)

My advice is always super on point, and I’m always asked how I pull it off without fail.

First of all it’s not without fail, but that’s a topic for another day.

But it’s really simple and you can do it too.

It’s because in the moment I begin a hot seat or consult, I wipe my memory and beliefs clean.

I believe nothing, I am attached to nothing, and I stay meta at all costs.

Gotta get all that knowledge, beliefs, and prejudices out of your head.

But if Jimmy is a Livestream specialist, or Janet is the YouTube girl, how could you ever be clear on what the best course of action is for someone?

You’ve already bought into a “religion”.

I wouldn’t trust anyone obsessed with the Clickfunnels world precisely for that reason. Their judgement is narrow and clouded.

I’m not attached to any one medium for one massive reason:

Markets don’t care what you prefer.

Markets do what they do, and hang out where they hang out. What we prefer is irrelevant.

Quickest way I can tell someone is an amateur and to not be trusted, is for them to tell the world that their preferred medium is for everyone.

To a hammer, everything is a nail, right?

The reason I can solve any business problem and transform any marketing campaign in minutes is because I stay above the trees.

Beware getting caught up in your own bullshit – just because I’m here and write a lot of long form sales copy for our business does not mean I recommend that for everyone.

Sales letters are not for everyone, in fact, just yesterday I persuaded someone to not get a sales letter written.

Because I listened to his specific situation, timing, resources, and goals.

I think people who generalize, lump groups of people into categories, racists, etc… Have a difficult time marketing and advising people because they don’t understand every problem is brand new and it’s all case by case basis.

When someone says to me “I don’t like outsourcing to India” what they are really saying is “I’m slightly racist and/or make sweeping generalizations about a culture of over 1 billion”.

I’ve had wonderful experiences with them – Everything in life is case by case basis – just because something has been true in your experience, doesn’t mean it’s universally true.

It’s just true for you.

My point is – when advertising your business, take your beliefs out of the equation.

What you think is irrelevant to the situation.