How To Know If Someone Makes A Good Business Partner

Take note of what they talk about in relation to strategy and getting
things done.

A big secret to success is that time and money are the last
considerations you want to make when planning a business venture.

You can really tell who is an abundant, quality thinker, and who is
scarcity driven.

Scarcity driven people make bad decisions.

To build a new business, certain things need to be done.

And they need to be done the right way. Period.

Making decisions based on what the “right thing to do is” is how great
companies are built.

Think Elon Musk – I doubt he sits with business partners and says, hey
guys we got 400,000, how can we make this happen?

He thinks about what the goal is, the best way to do it, only then does
he go about figuring what it’ll cost and where the money will come

For example, if you need to do market research, you have to do it right.

If there is a 3 day free trial on a piece of market research software, the
furthest thing from your mind should be “let’s try and get it all done
within the 3 days to avoid paying full price for this”.

Might as well give up now with dignity intact.

If we want our businesses to succeed and be real, everything should be
done the right way.

The time it takes and the cost are irrelevant until we know what the
right course of action is and are willing to do it at all costs.

They can build a business cutting corners if that’s what they really want
but they’ll just be a cheap business that cuts corners and that’s fine, but
they’ll have to look in the mirror and tell him/herself “you are too weak
to do the right thing”.