How To Prevent A Scammer From Taking Advantage Of You

How to stop a scammer stealing from you twice and 6 ways to see them coming from a mile away!

These are just a few patterns I’ve noticed.

Individually they may not mean much, but someone who exhibits all of them is a big red flag.

If the promise is basically we do it all for you.

Scammers primarily prey on greed and laziness. If they say they will take care of your message, media, and market (research/copy/build/traffic for example), this is a red flag. Especially if you don’t have any business at all, the greed will get to you.

And especially if they are willing to do it for an amount less than… a lot.

This is the number one sign, and the number one thing people fall for and they know that. Nobody legitimate will build your entire business for you for a few thousand bucks. That makes no sense.

If their life looks to be too polished and too perfect.

If they have an aggressive and almost unbelievable guarantee, and a guarantee of a specific amount of money in a short amount of time.

If they don’t have a “place” where alumni and past customers from year to year hang out and talk.

If you search the web for bad stuff, do it.

But don’t take one thing and blow it out of proportion, or even worse, one person creating a lot of noise and looks like a lot of stuff when in reality, it’s one person. Look for patterns and volume of people saying the same things. Look for dedicated fb support groups on the person.

They may aggressively try and attach their name to people with more status than them.

Not by actually doing stuff with them but by over flattery and always referring to them as “my friend”.

Someone can have all of these and still be legit, and another can have none of them and still be a fraud.

These are a few patterns I’ve noticed in people who have nothing but the ability to tell you what you want to hear. If someone checks off all six boxes, be very careful.

One way to be sure is to ask for 10 other past BUYERS who received the product or service who can vouch for it. If they give an excuse or won’t do it, run. Anyone worth half a shit can do that.

Also know that one day you will get screwed. Hell, guaranteed there’s a shifty bastard reading this for tips. It happens and you almost never get your money back. However, there is a way to stop them from stealing from you twice.

After you’ve been ripped off, the situation takes mindshare. When it takes mindshare, you take your eye off of making new money. This means you lose twice and they are still stealing from you even after they are long gone.