Hustle Culture… GTFO

I never understood all the hype around people telling entrepreneurs to hustle and all of this hustling talk.

There is one type of person in this world who needs advice on hustling the least: Entrepreneurs.

It’s like a kitchen full of bakers shouting to each other that to bake a great cake you gotta turn the oven on.

“No shit, can we talk about the important stuff now boys? Like Doug’s chocolate swirl or Andy’s perfect dough”

But… Dey r smart dem gooroos in our market because they know they are talking to people who just think they are entrepreneurs (because they were told that buying all this biz op stuff is being an entrepreneur) but are really just business opportunity seekers.

Only around 15% of our industry is made up of actual entrepreneurs who will ever do anything.

At the same time…

I truly believe we are all entrepreneurs on the inside.

Technology, Western industrialization and the birth of the big companies has wrapped two giant chains around our ankles: fear and laziness.

Our system breeds both.

If you need to learn how to hustle, you are either not an entrepreneur or you are a depressed one.

Both are fine.

Not everyone can stomach it.

But know yourself.

I was a lazy good for nothing broke magic pill get riches biz op seeker most of my life until I chose to focus on one thing.

I made it out of the get rich quick hole somehow. Fucked if I know how. Stats show 90+ % of you won’t…

Don’t be another biz op, course collecting junkie statistic going bankrupt chasing the fastest dollar.

Make a real business. But do it fast, you are gonna die soon.