If You Already Own A Business Then You Need To Hear This Harsh Truth

You are doing too much stuff in your business.

The secret is the less you do, the more you make.

But what do I see all around me?

The opposite.

I see far too many people doing more and more in an attempt to hustle and make it, when the truth is you need to start thinking about how to do less… in order to make more.

The owner of Starbucks ain’t sweeping his floors and handing out samples.

If you keep doing $10/hour work in your business, how could you ever think you could grow to be rich?

You need to give the $10/hour work to someone else so you can do the $200/hour (or $2000) work.

Think about it…

P.S. If you think you can’t afford to do that right now, consider the fact you can’t afford NOT to…

Because the second you put someone in that place, you do make less.

But only for a second, because you’ve now freed up TIME and space to do the stuff that’s really gonna bring in the cash.

Pick a date, and make the commitment to yourself right now!