If You Work A Job, This Is Why I Want You To Own Your Own Business

Technology now provides a greater return than labor does.

In order for labor to do well today, it can’t be doing any lower level functions anymore.

That’s done by machines today.

It has to be higher mental thinking and personally directed.

Unfortunately our school/university system doesn’t prepare us for that.

As technology exponentially increases, most lower level and even mid-level jobs will be wiped out.

You used to be able to work in the same industry your entire life, now entire industries are being created and destroyed within our lifetimes.

Also… One of the biggest trends in the world economy is more and more companies are forcing employees to become freelancers… The growth is almost a hockey stick.

If you hold a job, seriously be afraid – know your industry, because it might not even be there in 20 years, and if it is… May not look like it does now…

Cars are self driving and built by machines…

McDonald’s in China has no front end staff…

It’s important you cover your ass and become your own boss and control your own fate!