It’s Always The Client’s Fault

It’s almost always the client’s fault.

It’s hip to blame projects going bad on the clients.

“They wouldn’t let me do this, didn’t supply me with that. They tinkered with x, they wouldn’t listen to me when I recommended y”

The truth is it’s almost never the clients fault.

And even if it was, you picked the client so it’s still your fault!

And if the client didn’t listen to you, it means he doesn’t fully trust you.

That’s not his fault, it’s yours.

Imagine you are sitting at a table in a restaurant with three people: You, your client, and your clients child (aka – their business).

Their child begins to choke.

You know CPR. You are trained, they are not. You proudly declare you know CPR and can help their child. They give you their blessing, they trust you, and you get to work.

But instead of taking full control, telling the client to how to hold her, what to go get, or who to call, instead you are running things by him for his opinion, walking on eggshells, and second guessing…

What will happen?

They will instinctively begin to try and micromanage the situation, and rightly so! You bait and switched them.

You talked a good game yet when it came time to implement, you lost your confidence to take control.

Their child is too important to them and time to precious to deal with your doubt.

It’s not the client’s fault they are meddling and tinkering, you planted the seed of doubt. How is it their fault.

Almost all issues come from the client not letting you fully “do your thing”, but the real insight here is they are not doing anything to you.

Your refusal or fear of being an authority figure to your client (authority to them in regards to the service in question, not in general as humans), is what’s causing them to not fully give you the reigns.

Their lack of trust in you is simply a mirror image of your own lack of self trust.

Work on flexing your client control muscles and magically most of your client issues go away because they weren’t doing anything wrong, they were just working with what you gave them.