James Bond Has Nothing On You

We want to get rich so we can buy the watch, Ferrari, suit, vacation, and woman(s) to finally feel like James Bond and that’s why more people don’t have these things.

Got it backward.

If you first feel like James Bond, you’ll act like James Bond, and as a symptom of those causes, the lifestyle you want and all the gadgets that come with it will be yours.

Why should you feel like him if you don’t have the outward circumstances as proof?

Because it’s your birthright to feel good about yourself.

Self esteem isn’t an earned trait – it’s your original default. It just got wounded along the way.

As it gets wounded, we build up a defense mechanism called the ego.

The ego likes to compare itself to other people to find it’s value.

The ego needs you to have valid reasons to feel good about yourself.


Like a young child, you can choose to have that toddler confidence back. It’s who you really are.

Paradoxically, when you do decide to feel good about yourself for no reason at all, all these things you want come to you much faster yet they mean a lot less to you.

They are just kind of bonuses.

I avoid doing things – to get things – to give myself permission to feel like a champ – I just feel like a champ.

Just because.

I’m not saying this stuff because I want to be a shitty life coach – all of this has direct and immediate application to your business, the ramifications of which could be massive.