Making Money Is Too Easy

It really is.

People talk about grinding.

The grind is actually all the work you do leading up to the money
moments, including your fears, doubts, communication skills, and
study habits.

But the act of making it is very simple.

Here’s a case study from 2010.

I made $6000 very quickly but it was such a grind.

I sold websites at the time.

First I had to send out 25 cold emails. Man were my fingers sore from
all that copy and pasting!

Then when I got a reply, I actually had to answer it (blech).

Once the person agreed to a meeting, I had to actually take the bus to
meet him in person! What an asshole, that bus ride listening to music
and talking to cute girls was such a grind.

Anyway, then we had to talk about his current website, and negotiate a
price for a new one ($6000).

Here’s where it gets really hardcore…

You guys will have full pity for me but I had to spend time in advance
to vet an outsourcer.

That took like 45 minutes of my life.

I then had to explain to him what I wanted, and had to log into PayPal
to send him money to build it for me ($500).

Here’s the worst part of all of this: I then had to go to the bank and
cash the $6000 check.

I’m sweating just thinking about it.

$5500 in my pocket, but I had to grind so hard.

Making money is only as hard as we make it in our heads.

I filled up a 12 person $5000 workshop in Bali with only two Facebook
statuses and a few friendly phone calls.

My team sets up the logistics, I prepare my content, and then get paid
to sit in paradise with amazing people and talk about what excites me,
while changing lives.

Where’s the grind?

The grind is in the work you do on your mind.

Make sure when it comes time to actually make money, you leave your
baggage behind.

Grind in the books, grind on your mind, but let business flow naturally.

Your at peace relaxed attitude will make people trust doing business
with you.

There are times you will need to grind out tasks, and if you have BIG
business goals, you will grind.

But despite what most people say and most gurus sell you, most people
have simple goals.

And 99.5% of all the people here on Facebook talking about grinding
24/7 are still broke so it’s not the grind that works, it’s doing what
works is what works.

It’s getting to the point where you know and are comfortable doing
what works.

Whatever you focus on you get more of.