Marketing Is Really Simple

I believe in simplicity.

Simplicity creates clarity.

Clarity creates breakthroughs.

Breakthroughs create money.

I believe if you can’t explain a complex idea simply, you don’t
understand it.

Marketing is simply lining up three things:

Market (Who you want to do business with)
Message (What your offers/products are)
Media (Where you advertise and market)

Since I’ve always been into music, I like to rename them to make it stick in
your head:


Thinking about it like this will automatically clear up one level of
confusion, for example…

Typical question: “Man, should I be on Instagram or Twitter or
Facebook? I feel guilty I’m not on all of them. Which one is best?”

Those are stages.

Do you have a song yet?

Who’s your crowd?

Until you know which crowd you want to perform for, you can’t know
which songs they’ll love.

And when you do know what crowd you want, then you’ll
automatically know which shows they want to buy tickets for.

Now, since you first decided the type of crowd you want to play for,
you automatically now know where they are already hanging out, who
they watch, and what they listen to just by simple common sense and

The clutter and noise of this community and the self doubt it feeds
(and breeds) in you, drowns out the simplicity of market research.


The question “Instagram or Twitter or Facebook” now changes to
“where do my audience hang out”.

So by even asking the question, it’s painfully obvious one hasn’t defined
who they are speaking to, and thus jumping the gun all the way to the
stage before defining a crowd or a song.


But here’s a fourth.

And I believe knowing it will shed some serious light on why you may
have or be doing everything “right” yet getting inconsistent results, or
having seemingly great campaigns fall on their face.

Knowing this fourth piece is critical to keep your sanity intact.

Instead of the legendary “marketing triangle” Dan Kennedy coined, I’m
renaming the concept “The Marketing Diamond” to more accurately
describe the 4 corners and how they go together.

The fourth corner is…


Luck is part of the game, though we don’t like to admit it. Marketing is
really simple, just remember the Marketing Diamond.