Mitch’s 10 Commandments For Consulting Success

  1. Different is always better than better
  2. People want what they can’t have so don’t be so easy to get
  3. People want what others want so make sure everyone knows you are wanted
  4. The more you convey you want their business, less they feel compelled to give it to you
  5. Rich people are paid before they do the work, poor people are paid after – Get paid upfront
  6. The more you charge the better they believe you are at what you do (Higher prices = easier sales)
  7. Don’t go to the dump and wonder why Everything is dirty – stay away from sites like Upwork where all the cheap asses are
  8. The secret fast way out of beginner land is being known as an expert to small group for one specific thing
  9. Write a book, it is still the ultimate form of credibility
  10. You are paid far more on your reputation than you are on the actual skill you provide.