Murdering Babies Is Wrong Unless It’s These Babies

I’m going to murder your babies today…

Not those kind of babies… your business babies.

If you have so many business ideas but you are paralyzed about which one to choose, and
it’s keeping you from the life you know you deserve, then I’m going to
make the decision easy for you by murdering your babies.

This is very common, it’s actually the number one thing that keeps
someone from starting a business – it hurts to see and the only way out
is to be violently shaken up.

Collecting and hoarding all of these business ideas, then agonizing for
YEARS about which one to finally pull the trigger on is by far the
number one dream killer. And I won’t have it anymore…

People treat these ideas like their babes, clutching on to them, afraid to
let one go.

I’ve watched good friends never pull the trigger and it really upsets me.

Allow me to murder them for you: Your ideas are worthless pieces of

How have your ideas treated you so far? You give them so much love
and what do they do? They whine, complain, confuse you, fight each
other, and suck your titty dry!

Any idiot can come up with a good idea, it takes real guts to be stupid
enough to be smart enough to pick one and run with it. And it doesn’t
matter which one…

Would you rather have one of your ideas become successful, or would
you rather continue to watch everyone else living the good life while
holding 12 screaming, crying, heavy “dream babies” in your arms.

That’s your options my friend: One, or none.

Once you have successful business experience, money, and
connections, then you can try out other ideas. But right now you have
none of those things so pick one and get your ass to work!

The longer you delay the decision, the harder it gets, and it won’t be
long before you just give up forever.

I say your ideas are not awesome
I say your ideas are not valuable
I say your ideas are not original


By realizing they aren’t even babies in the first place. They are just
thoughts. They are nothing but figments of your imagination, excuses
you’ve brilliantly constructed in order to not leave your comfort zone.

Ironically, believing you have multiple awesome business ideas is the
biggest reason you never take action on any of them and don’t create an
awesome business.

I love children (other people’s children) but Ideas are not your

And remember, It’s almost impossible to make a baby if you keep
fucking yourself.