My Biggest Aha Moment

I want to share one of my biggest aha moments with you right now.

It’s quick, but it could change everything for you and shorten your success curve by maybe 20x…

I am probably understating this…

Not understanding what I’m about to tell you is the #1 reason most people in “our” industry stay stuck for what seems like forever.

And nobody even talks about it…

Except Mitchy boy, so let’s do this quick:

The number one reason you can’t grasp this internet marketing game is because you get overwhelmed by all the choices, opportunities, methodologies, and strategies…

What the fuck to settle on?

Here’s how to solve that problem forever…

The secret reason you are perpetually confused is because everyone keeps selling you the wrong thing…

Well, the thing you don’t need YET.

Marketing is the matching up of 3 things remember:

Message – Market – Media

You have a group of people (market)

You have a sales pitch for something to sell (message)

You have the mode of delivery for that message (media).

*Facebook or the radio is an example

The secret reason you are overwhelmed and confused is because the media is always changing.

In fact, it’s what all the gurus of the minute are cluttering the market with… Why?

Because the market (people), and the message (pitch) never change…

It ain’t sexy.

But the media constantly changes.

So marketers know we respond to NEW.

So you are confused, feel left behind, and constantly outdated like you are running a race you can never win.

Because all along you have been jumping to the media (simply the delivery vehicle for a message to a market) thinking the media is always the answer.

You are CONSTANTLY sold the idea that the next magic pill revolves around tricks with the MEDIA.

But it’ll never work if you don’t understand that media is fucking useless without the right message.

Message and market come first, then the media becomes easy.

Why could i make a Facebook ad campaign profitable even though I had no idea how to use it?

Or LinkedIn?

Or direct mail?

In fact, stick me in any media where my market is and I’ll fucking dominate.

Because I know the media is just the stage I sing from… But you gotta have a good song to sing got it?

Don’t give the media more credit than it deserves… Don’t jump ahead too soon.

If you really get what I’m saying, I may have just changed your life. It did mine…