My Content Is So Sharp Some People Call Me A Prick

Pun intended.

A secret to making content that is on point is to step back and think of that phrase…

On point.

When creating content, too many people are talking about a broad general topic like success, or health, or money.

Pick a subtopic of a subtopic, then expand into that because broad topics are too soft to write anything sharp about and you’ll kill yourself trying to come up with material – on point is about being sharp and focusing on the right things and if you are missing the point completely, it’s pretty hard to be on point.

Always step back when giving advice or creating content and look at it from a higher vantage point.

Some questions to ask yourself might be:

What is the end goal here?

Is this really what we should be asking?

Is this true in most cases?

What if there is something more important to focus on here?

What are they really asking?

What is the hidden question here?

Is the way the question or assumption itself is worded is causing someone to never find the answer?