My Ultimate Hack For Instantly Traveling The World For Free

I did this back in 2009, and if you are single and not shouldered down
with responsibilities, I am making you a bold challenge right here right

Book a one way ticket to your dream destination today.

Right after you read this.


Here’s the hack:

Visit and search under hosts. Sort opportunities by
your dream country and you’ll see hundreds of opportunities…

What are they?

Work exchange. You give them 5 hours per day, 5 days a week and in
return you get accommodation and food.

This will allow you to travel and live for free in any of your dream
countries right now.

Most flights won’t run you more than 700 for a one way ticket. Why a
one way?

Because we don’t know how long you are staying or what other country
you are gonna be in after this.

So how do you get into a country on a one way ticket? (if you’re reading this in 2023, this may no longer exist)

This service will book you a “return” flight you can use when you check
in as proof of onward travel. It is a real ticket (you aren’t allowed to
actually use), and it will only run you $9.95. I never buy a round trip
anymore because I never know where I’m gonna be.

You see, one of the biggest reasons you aren’t living the baller lifestyle
you so desperately want is because you are stuck in your routine, your

Same friends…

Same house…

Same environment…

It’s like a trance that’s hard to snap the fuck out of. So how do you snap
out of it?

By pulling your success forward and start living the travel lifestyle now.

  1. Go to and write down 10 opportunities that sound
  2. Pay the $20 fee to make a profile
  3. Contact them that you want to come
  4. You WILL get responses From 90% of them
  5. Get an “ok” and book your flight

The best part about this is you are now traveling the world while
building your online business that will allow you to travel the world…

Think about that…

I did this in 2009. Changed my life, and will change your life too… If
you have the guts.

The guts to break out of the sleeping zombies all around you pulling
you down.

Now… What online business to build while you are traveling your
dream destinations?

I propose one that requires very little work and makes you a good
amount of money.

Something you can do with the skills you already
have – even if you don’t have many.