Want To Really Understand Marketing? Here’s How I Did It

By Mitch Miller | Apr 1, 2022

This is going to be a quick and sloppy post. I am going to attempt to lay out my Unconventional road map to understanding marketing and human psychology on a DEEP level. This is 100% necessary, as I believe one of the big reasons you may have trouble “getting it” even though you are listening…

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Your Company Logo Doesn’t Matter

By Mitch Miller | Mar 1, 2022

When starting a business, the logos, branding, colors, name, and designs are completely overrated and irrelevant. Overrated and irrelevant until it’s time for it. Then it becomes very important and necessary. The kiss of death is to work on all this as a distraction from what’s real first proving demand for the product to a…

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People Are Sneaking Ideas Into Your Brain Without Your Permission

By Mitch Miller | Feb 1, 2022

From what I can tell, our brains automatically accept advice as true based on: If someone hits all four, you’ll generally believe what they say to be true even if it’s dead wrong. This is why we always tend to read something and believe it quickly, then later find out they were full of shit.…

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It’s Always The Client’s Fault

By Mitch Miller | Jan 1, 2022

It’s almost always the client’s fault. It’s hip to blame projects going bad on the clients. “They wouldn’t let me do this, didn’t supply me with that. They tinkered with x, they wouldn’t listen to me when I recommended y” The truth is it’s almost never the clients fault. And even if it was, you…

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What People Want Most In The World

By Mitch Miller | Dec 1, 2021

To matter and to be missed. When you run into problems understanding your market, always go super meta to reset clarity.

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Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee (How To Have A Sharp Mind)

By Mitch Miller | Nov 1, 2021

My advice is always super on point, and I’m always asked how I pull it off without fail. First of all it’s not without fail, but that’s a topic for another day. But it’s really simple and you can do it too. It’s because in the moment I begin a hot seat or consult, I…

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Video Killed The Radio Star

By Mitch Miller | Oct 1, 2021

Want to advertise your business but afraid to be on video? That’s fine, you don’t need to do video to be as successful as you like.

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Free Your Mind

By Mitch Miller | Sep 1, 2021

Everyone chasing money to bring them freedom, but until you’re free in your mind first, you’ll always be caged. I do whatever I want whenever I want with whoever I want anywhere in the world. And it wasn’t the money… I did it before I had it. Cash just makes it all smoother. If you…

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The Number One Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Writing

By Mitch Miller | Aug 1, 2021

The #1 question I get: What’s the number one thing I can do to improve my copywriting skill? Simple. Do lots of “stuff”. I’ve been a: When you play it safe and live one track of life experience, you don’t have much to say or experiences to draw upon. The language you speak is dull,…

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