If You Already Own A Business Then You Need To Hear This Harsh Truth

By Mitch Miller | Jul 1, 2021

You are doing too much stuff in your business. The secret is the less you do, the more you make. But what do I see all around me? The opposite. I see far too many people doing more and more in an attempt to hustle and make it, when the truth is you need to…

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My Biggest Aha Moment

By Mitch Miller | Jun 1, 2021

I want to share one of my biggest aha moments with you right now. It’s quick, but it could change everything for you and shorten your success curve by maybe 20x… I am probably understating this… Not understanding what I’m about to tell you is the #1 reason most people in “our” industry stay stuck…

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James Bond Has Nothing On You

By Mitch Miller | May 1, 2021

We want to get rich so we can buy the watch, Ferrari, suit, vacation, and woman(s) to finally feel like James Bond and that’s why more people don’t have these things. Got it backward. If you first feel like James Bond, you’ll act like James Bond, and as a symptom of those causes, the lifestyle…

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How To Inject Yourself With A Quick Shot Of Confidence

By Mitch Miller | Apr 1, 2021

Most of the time all we need is a little boost of confidence. This’ll help: Virtually every single person around you talking about making money online, their business, their coaching practice, their MLM, their affiliate marketing, their consulting… are flat broke. I’m not talking about the obvious ones with the pictures of Jets and bling,…

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A Cheater’s Guide To World-Class Advertising

By Mitch Miller | Mar 1, 2021

You’ll be shocked at what you come up with. Look at the picture in the comments section. I wrote a list of things my market would have to believe to get them to buy – note that those things look like great benefits to go into an ad! And they are – but that’s where…

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12 Simple Steps To Advertising Success

By Mitch Miller | Feb 1, 2021

12 simple steps to advertising success. Crafting great advertising is like walking a tight rope between selling too hard and not selling hard enough. Sell too hard and you draw suspicion, annoyance, kill rapport, and thus the sale. Don’t sell hard enough you’ll show a lack of confidence, not answer all objections, and almost never…

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The Magic Of Profound Knowledge

By Mitch Miller | Jan 1, 2021

By now you know I give it to you straight (pun intended), and bring to light immediately actionable insight. Many times it’s like “why didn’t I think of that, it’s so obvious!” That’s the magic of simple yet profound knowledge. With that said, your prospective client has three ranked choices when faced with a service…

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Stepping On Humpty Dumpty

By Mitch Miller | Dec 1, 2020

I do not care what my industry peers do or what they think of me. At all. I like them, but I don’t make decisions for them. This allows us to make business decisions solely based on what you want, not filtered through a lens of appeasing other people who are not our customers. Is…

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The Truth

By Mitch Miller | Nov 1, 2020

The most powerful element in advertising is the truth because you can defend an argument with the truth to the death and it becomes undeniable.

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