Would You Like A Rolex Watch?

By Mitch Miller | Jan 1, 2017

The most important article I’ve ever written on personal branding: How to be more respected, higher paid, and kick more ass in life. What kind of person are you? You want to be a limited edition Rolex, or a cheap Timex for sale at20% off at Walmart? You can choose, there is a market for…

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What To Do With Your Haters

By Mitch Miller | Dec 1, 2016

Know what to do with your haters? Nothing. Don’t even think about them – they always consist of losers who can’t stand to see you winning. Ask a hater what they have going on in their own life compared to you,guess what they won’t admit? They are doing nothing. They are nothing. So agree with…

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Cult Leaders Have Nothing On You!

By Mitch Miller | Nov 1, 2016

If someone can use words to convince hundreds of people to drinkjuice and commit suicide based on strange ancient alien theories, thensurely you can convince a few people to buy your product.

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Mitch’s 10 Commandments For Consulting Success

By Mitch Miller | Oct 1, 2016
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I Wrote This While Lost In China

By Mitch Miller | Sep 1, 2016

Not many things make you feel more awkward and stupid than beingin a foreign country in a neighborhood where you know zero Chineseand they know zero English, not even numbers, and try to choose, eat,and pay for breakfast. But nothing builds up your self esteem more than doing it. The same in business. Most people…

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Sometimes You Have To Let That Person Go…

By Mitch Miller | Aug 1, 2016

Sometimes you have to let that person go… If they are holding you back from becoming who you know you aremeant to be… No, it’s not who you are thinking of, I’m talking about you – you can’tget to the next level being the same person you are now.

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Murdering Babies Is Wrong Unless It’s These Babies

By Mitch Miller | Jul 1, 2016

I’m going to murder your babies today… Not those kind of babies… your business babies. If you have so many business ideas but you are paralyzed about which one to choose, andit’s keeping you from the life you know you deserve, then I’m going tomake the decision easy for you by murdering your babies. This…

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The Biggest Reason To Feel Good Everyday Is No Reason

By Mitch Miller | Jun 1, 2016

When you don’t need a reason to feel good, you will more often.

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Are You Willing To Die For What You Stand For?

By Mitch Miller | May 1, 2016

Marketers give themselves way too much credit for things they don’teven do. An example, instead of picking on someone obvious like Tai Lopez, orGary Vaynerchuk, let’s pick on me. Look how I’m changing the game, creating success stories, breaking therules, showing the truth about marketing… While generating love,opinions, admiration, and also hate from people. Actually…

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