People Are Sneaking Ideas Into Your Brain Without Your Permission

From what I can tell, our brains automatically accept advice as true based on:

  1. How certain/authoritative they are of the idea
  2. How congruent they are with the Idea (do they walk their talk)
  3. How many other people that buy into the idea
  4. How much the idea already fits into our general world view

If someone hits all four, you’ll generally believe what they say to be true even if it’s dead wrong.

This is why we always tend to read something and believe it quickly, then later find out they were full of shit.

You can use these four things to troubleshoot Your own level of influence and see which one is lacking.

I guess the point of this post is to show you how easy it is for the brain to automatically believe an idea as long as those four triggers are hit, regardless if the information is actually true or not… so you can now try and consciously protect yourself from people sneaking ideas into your brain without permission by thinking “hey now…

Just because these 4 things are true, doesn’t automatically make this true yet”.