Rant About Manipulation

All sales tactics are equally manipulative – just because he singles out a
few he’d never use, doesn’t make them bad and him a sales saint.

These people are the most manipulative because they somehow think
they aren’t.

It’s all the same, don’t care how you dress it up – it’s about the intention
you come at it from that determines whether or not you are doing good
or bad.

Enough with the ethical sales bullshit, I don’t want to hear it.

Like ethical meat eaters only eating meat that was killed in a humane
way, it doesn’t exist.

(Is there really a humane way to end a life against it’s will? If I ended
your brother’s life by singing lullabies and whispering positive
affirmations into his ear while injecting him with poison while I stroke
his hair as he falls asleep forever, that’s humane? Because I murdered
him nicely?)

Ok forgive the extreme example and I love meat, but hopefully you get
my point.

This is the only industry where people seem to be hell bent on doing a
bad job.

Some people don’t want to hear this and their panties will become too
tight but I don’t care: Sales is sales and if you have something that will
genuinely help people, you do what you have to to sell it to them.

Or leave the sales profession because you aren’t willing to do what it takes
to be of service to your market.

I especially hate it when grown men toss around these fluffy concepts
and soften up their convictions with 40 emoticons and flowery
language. 🦄🦋🌸🦄🦋🌸🦄🦋🌸🦄🦋🌸

Motherfucker grow some balls and stand firm on the truth instead of
being so afraid people will think you are being manipulative.

If you or your product is shit, well that’s an entirely different story, but
it’s not sales tactics at fault…

Guns don’t murder people, murderers murder people.