The KFC Business Degree Is Finger Licking Good

I don’t understand all of the complaining about how this marketing
thing is so complex, confusing and difficult to learn.

It’s supposed to be.

“I’ve been at it for 6 months and I see no traction yet”.

Well, you could spend 6 years to get an MBA that would teach you
almost nothing when it comes to marketing that works and 6 months
in you wouldn’t be expecting a miracle.

But you expect one here? It’s because that’s what we are promised.

But not by me.

If you insist on everything being easy, go heat up diseased chicken at
KFC for 40 hours a week.

In fact, it took Colonel Sanders almost his entire life to figure out the
game of business, yet he wouldn’t give up until it happened for him.

Do you have the guts to be confused for 10 years if need be?