The Real Secret To Getting Money Now

This is the real secret to getting the money: Crafting an irresistible offer
to get someone to try you out the first time.

If you put together an offer so good that no sane person in the market
for that product or service could refuse… you win.

So how do we create one?

Simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Call out the major frustration they want to change (that your thing solves)
  2. Ask them if they’d like to have the cure to that frustration
  3. Remind them of the benefits of curing the frustration
  4. Tell them many others have had their lives changed by curing the frustration
  5. Offer them a FREE something (estimate/sample/piece of the service etc…)
  6. Tell them the benefits of the FREE thing
  7. Tell them the offer expires shortly
  8. Tell them it is limited to x number of people
  9. Command them to inquire now before they miss out
  10. Once they experience the free thing, ask them if they want the full thing