The Ultimate Formula To Selling Anything To Anyone – {Be Careful With This}

I have written the formula in the form of an open letter to the average
person hoping to be successful & the master formula to persuading
people to buy what you sell them.

Please use this for good, do not use it for evil – the words below are the
most powerful I’ve ever written because it contains everything you
need to know about selling things to people and because of that, it’s

Do not try and sell things to people they will regret buying.

Now that I’ve got the disclaimer out of the way, here’s the formula.

Dear sir,

I understand you have intense desire to be successful, yet zero ambition
to act on it as soon as it stops being easy, then you assume zero
personal responsibility for your fault in this.

Therefore you will buy every course and idea you can in hopes you can become successful
without putting much effort into that desire.

Please don’t get mad at me, I am simply stating the truth.

This is what has happened throughout history, and is simply an accurate observation of your behavior.

I also know a secret about 96% of you and it’s that you will die of old
age without ever taking significant action toward your dreams.

However, in order to not commit suicide, you must hold onto your
dreams, and this is the real reason you will continue to buy products.

Your dreams can not die or else you die inside and literally go crazy.

It’s like you are on death row and I am giving you a nice warm blanket to
soothe you into your last days. Which I guess, in and of itself has

For the 96% of you who don’t take action, I provide products
that simply keep the hope alive for you.

I understand deep down you don’t believe you can build a real business
and just want a loophole you can sneak away with.

My job is to build trust and rapport with you by saying I was you, show
proof I’ve got the status and lifestyle you want and that I either got it
by stumbling upon a magic pill, or killing myself to figure this game
out then once I have I am giving you my packaged up magic pill, then
manipulate you to temporarily suspend the disbelief you have about
your ability to follow through, and alleviate personal responsibility for
your past actions…

(part of this belief suspension is framed with pressing the economic
uncertainty and distrust of the government or other types of fear because
you are a moving away from person)

I suspend your beliefs just long enough for you to put aside past
personal failures, and open up a small window of newly inspired self
belief to temporarily decide this is finally the time you are going to
make this online business thing work because I’ve effectively stirred up
and brought to the surface all the pain and dissatisfaction you’ve been
medicating with food, tv, and rationalizations… leaving you temporarily
motivated to change.

I do this by finding your core status trigger (money) that you believe
will give you the rest of your status, thus reminding you are not smart,
powerful, happy, or sexy without money in order to strengthen my

All I have to do now is convince you my product is the easiest way to
get you money (and thus all the status pillars), without the possibility
of looking stupid, feeling stupid, or repeating your past habit of
inaction by giving you an irresistible offer which has urgency, and
scarcity built in, providing you with a risk free guarantee, and giving
you a proven system, guru, and community to believe in because god
knows you don’t believe in yourself.

I only do all of this because I know you’ll never buy any other way, and
I can only sell you by doing what works. And I have no idea if you are
one of the slim few who will actually take this and use it.

That’s not my responsibility.

I didn’t raise you, I had no part in the fun of conceiving you, and you
aren’t taking care of me in my old age. You are an adult. Since your
market has existed since before I was alive, I understand I ain’t
changing human behavior.

All I can do is sell as much of my stuff to people like you knowing I’m
one of the good guys and at least if by rare chance you are an action
taker, you at least got something that isn’t a scam and works if you
work it.

Please take action.

Mitch Miller.