To All Of My Muslim & Indian Friends

I have many Indian and Muslim friends, and if you are one of them, I know the silent hell you go through to become successful in an online business.

Starting an online business and going down this rabbit hole of self help, marketing, and really… Finding the keys to life outside the herd, is scary.

Not scary to you, but scary to everyone else around you. And because of that, they will try their hardest to keep you down.

Your family will pressure you unlike anything I have ever seen or many people can understand.

“I’ll disown you”

“I forbid you”.

Fuck them and fuck that.

Authority and the pressure to conform to norms is extremely strong and you are not alone.

Just know you are free to do what you want to do, and I don’t care who thinks otherwise. Yes, it’s family, but they do not want what is best for you – they want what is best for their own feeling of comfort and safety, what you actually want deep inside is ignored.

They love you deeply, but they do not care about your happiness. If they did, they’d listen to you. They are too afraid and brainwashed to understand what will make you happy. It’s ok to be different. It’s what the world needs. You may love them but it’s clear they are asleep at the wheel.

You are awake, you see more for yourself and what is possible.

They are living in a box, and you don’t want it. But you do want their approval. And it’s understandable.

But for now… Fuck em.

They won’t see it your way? Leave.

The alternative is you live with regret your entire life, becoming more bitter, jaded, and miserable until you pull a murder suicide on the family you didn’t even want.

You are awake now, there is no turning back. I understand the pressures are much harder than most people understand and I get that. And that’s why you have to leave. They are treating you like a 16 year old teenager. You are an adult. You can do what you like, in fact, I recommend you disown them.

For now. If they won’t accept you for who you are, YOU disown them.

The separation will allow you to be who you need to be. And only when you get rooted in yourself will you have the strength to deal with them like they are the 16 year old on curfew. For now, they have you trapped if you are too close.

Their words have too much weight, and like a recent ex girlfriend, cutting it off for a while is the best way to reduce that weight.

I have many Indian and Muslim friends, and if you are one of them, I know the silent hell you go through trying to become successful online. I got your back, you have a family here. And when you become strong enough, and rich enough, you can go back to your family and stand on your own two legs.