Want To Be A Master Salesman? Go To Karaoke

Selling is exactly like walking into a karaoke bar…

There’s a host.

And he’s singing amazingly, trying to get everyone else to sing.

But people are intimidated.

People are afraid of looking stupid.

Because looking stupid = a loss of social status.

A loss of status is identical to death and that’s why the fear of public
speaking is on the same level as death.

The host keeps trying to pressure people to sing.

Just like blind pushy salesmen.


Think about it.

How would you get your shy self to come up and do a horrendous job
singing directly after a professional serenades the audience and the
entire crowd is watching you?

The host has to build your confidence.

Not sell the idea harder.

Most people keep trying to “build trust” and I just realized one of the
reasons I do so well is because I build confidence in my prospects…

Even if it’s a temporary confidence, it’s enough for them to buy.

As an aside, It’s how the best MLM leaders get people into their
downline btw…

You don’t need about your own pitch so much.

Or trying too hard to convince them due to your own lack of
confidence which won’t allow you to pay attention to their world
(which IS the key to marketing btw) enough to know what they are
going through.

So you tell them your own nightmare story.

Encourage them.

Build them up.

Be vulnerable.

You go first.

3 reasons people don’t buy your shit:

Don’t want it.
Don’t believe you /trust you.
Can’t afford it.

4th reason: People don’t believe in themselves that they’ll follow

Think about how to get a crowd of shy karaoke goers to take the leap
and you’ll be so much more closer to selling like a pro.

That’s why hometown boy does good marketing persona works so well.
You either go bold and push the come up story like Gary Vaynerchuk.

Or go full humble like say, Jeff Walker..

We spend all our time trying to sell them our stuff when maybe we
need to spend more time convincing them they deserve to buy our