Want To Really Understand Marketing? Here’s How I Did It

This is going to be a quick and sloppy post.

I am going to attempt to lay out my Unconventional road map to understanding marketing and human psychology on a DEEP level.

This is 100% necessary, as I believe one of the big reasons you may have trouble “getting it” even though you are listening to guys like Gary V, Grant Cardone, Frank Kern, etc… yet something still isn’t clicking…

Here is what I believe is happening:

You may not have a core understanding of how humans work and what they respond to.

Guys like Gary V for example, was basically born with a deep understanding of human psychology and empathy. He “got it”.

So I find what he teaches, though they are incredibly profound teachings, they are too surface level for someone who doesn’t grasp “it” to execute on.

You will find yourself confused and wondering why it doesn’t work for you.

To remedy this, I am going to lay out the path I took to get this deep core understanding. I started out clueless. Beyond clueless.

I couldn’t even hold a job long enough to have rent money… it was that bad.

Now I can make a year’s worth of expenses in a single day… and here is the unconventional way I did it.

First, let me say that from 2005 to 2012, I brainwashed myself. And when I say brainwash, I literally mean that.

Obsessively, Howard Hughes style.

Constant, and daily. I’ll explain in a bit, exactly what that means.

Ok, the very first mentor I began studying was Tony Robbins.

He was the first person to tell me I didn’t have to remain the same. He was my gateway drug. He was the catalyst to changing my entire life.

The first thing I did was get a hold of EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT HE HAD.

Nothing was left out.

Then I began to systematically listen to every single product. When I was finished, I would start them again. And again.

There are some programs of his so good (Power to influence), I have listened well over
50 times now.

Tony taught me how my brain works, and in the process, how everyone else works.

Once you understand people better than they understand themselves, it is pretty easy to stay one step ahead. Anyway…

Tony taught me to seek out only the VERY BEST in a particular topic and settle for nothing less. I hammer this point home in every interview I do, and I can’t stress it enough.


They will poison your soul, and fuck you up.

Since I was taught to seek out the best, I did some research to find out who TONY (The superhuman god of the world) learned his techniques of influence from… the answer blew me away.

Though he studied everyone, and even worked for Jim Rohn at the time, his actual change techniques he learned from a man named Richard Bandler.

He is the co-creator of NLP.

Now, all of you out there who say you study NLP, yet do not study Richard, go fuck yourself, you are a FAKE.

I get passionate about this, because there are these idiots out there claiming to be NLP masters yet have no idea who the actual INVENTOR is! Blows me away…

Richard Bandler is a master communicator and influencer. Please get your hands on anything you can of his. Especially videos. Beg, borrow, steal, but get it done. It is that important. I am giving you the keys to
the real vault here.

Most people will not tell you this stuff.

One sad thing about Richard is he shot and killed a prostitute back in the 8o’s. Crazy I know. Even crazier is he got off without a charge even though all the evidence was right there… why?

Because he is a master of manipulation and communication.

There are gold nuggets to learn, and you can use them for good – nobody is forcing you to shoot hookers.

But understand, people know this stuff and are using it on you, so you better get smart and hip to what is going on beneath the surface.

Note* If you hate the idea of NLP and think it is stupid, one simple thing is happening here:

You heard of it from someone who bastardized it and you got the wrong idea of it. It’s that simple.

Because NLP isn’t a technique or a “thing”. It is simply the observation and deconstruction of the beliefs, actions, and behavioral code of a world class person in a particular skill, then a “model” is constructed, and you use it to get the same results.

That is logical and not “weird”. It’s fucking smart. It is not logical to not agree with the idea of decoding success and creating a model to replicate.

Richard built his system taking pieces from Korzybski’s Science and sanity, a 900 page dissertation that though his system of general semantics which is essentially a self help philosophy. This and

Benjamin Warf’s ideas from breaking down Indian languages, etc…

Hell, even Timothy Leary’s stuff on using psychedelics to change the meta programming of your brain…

And also books on Quantum mechanics which I used to devour at the library.

I also got into Alan Watts and Robert Anton Wilson… If you REALLY want to understand psychology, you gotta go outside the box.

Maybe people think i talk “simply”, and a little primitive with all the swearing etc… Most people have no clue my nerdy, complex background of studying.

Anyway. Brainwashing yourself with Tony and Richard first is like being repeatedly punched in the face with a master level of communication skills and understandings.

But it doesn’t stop there…

I then brainwashed myself with EVERYTHING the following people released:

Wayne Dyer
Robert Kiyosaki
Owen Cook
Robert Anton Wilson
Napoleon Hill
Alan Watts
Jay Abraham
Richard Bandler
Dan Kennedy
Paul Zane Pilzer (unlimited wealth)
Jim Rohn
Tim Ferriss

From 2005 to 2012 I brainwashed myself. I was listening when I was:

Waking up
Taking a shit

It didn’t matter when, I was absorbing. I need you to understand what I am actually saying here. 365 days x 7 = 2555 days of AT LEAST 4 hours per day, sometimes 12 hours. If we even ballpark a low 4 hours per day, that is: 10,000 hours of studying, not including actual experience and field work.

This is the reality of what it takes to transform your brain into one that gets it and can look at any situation like a boss.

This is what you are competing against… I suggest you get learning! I assure you I am not the only one who has done this.

I would listen every single night as I went to sleep, even if I had a girlfriend (They liked it, because it bored them to sleep quickly). I’d play them all through the night so it seeped into my subconscious.

You literally have to rewire your brain.

Another mentor who was extremely pivotal to my development is Owen Cook. Most people do not know who he is, and most of those who do, see him as simply a dating instructor, instead of what he really is:

One of the world’s deepest thinkers, and philosophers on the topic of human development and psychology today.

His program The Blueprint Decoded is the single best program for understanding human psychology I have ever seen.

It’s that good. Yet barely anyone has seen it still to this day.

People wonder how come I am so different, or why my brain works like it does. This is why. I find the very best, hidden in the fringes, sometimes in the darkness where people are afraid to go.