What Do You Think About Thinking?

I think people think too much.

It’s an advantage to a select few and a disease to most.

Being thorough and thinking too deeply at the wrong times has been the biggest cause of procrastination and business failure i’ve observed in my life.

The ability to know when to think and when to turn it off, and the strength to do both when necessary, is key.

There are specific strategic times to think and then there are times to get out of that mode and into that flow state and just crush the day out, and most people aren’t capable of doing both at the same time.

If it’s all the same to you and a blur, this might clear up a lot of confusion.

Second guessing and half stepping will get you nowhere so study, read, plan the day, then do your best to shut up the chatter and just rock it.

Like a basketball player who is in the zone, if he over thinks he’s finished – he must trust himself and his training and just let go.

Are you smart enough to be stupid enough to take blind action only analyzing after the fact?