What To Do If You’re Feeling Down Today

Feeling down recently?

Remember, if you were always in a good mood, you’d never notice it…

The reason a good mood even feels good at all is because there’s a contrast between moods.

We color our experiences through time in reverse and memories are mood access dependent.

This means if you are feeling down today, odds are the only memories coming up for you will be ones where you felt the same way – this is why the mood persists longer than it needs to and why, when someone tries to make you feel better by reminding you of a great time, you will still feel “meh” about it: your brain is coloring the old memory with the current feeling, thus reducing its ability to change your mood.

When depressed, this “memory coloring” can distort and change entire past events, the person may feel they had a terrible time when in fact they genuinely had fun.

The scary part is when we project our current mood on to the future, then we don’t even try because it seems hopeless in the future especially because the past was “subpar”.

Mind fuckery.

Just know you’ll be fine soon, you’ve felt great many times recently (even if you can’t see it now) and your brain is capable of incredible trickery.

But you do control your brain..

Movement and music is the key to changing your mood. Go exercise and put on the music you would put on if you just found out you won the lottery and you are driving to pick up the money.