Would You Like A Rolex Watch?

The most important article I’ve ever written on personal branding:

How to be more respected, higher paid, and kick more ass in life.

What kind of person are you?

You want to be a limited edition Rolex, or a cheap Timex for sale at
20% off at Walmart?

You can choose, there is a market for both, and neither is wrong.

If you want to be the timex, wrong post – if you want to be the Rolex,
keep reading.

What is a Rolex?

It’s more rare. It’s special.

Not everyone can have one. People are attracted to things which are

An empty parking lot is deadly to a new restaurant. Why?

People look to what others are doing as means of not having to think
hard (It’s a survival mechanism to conserve mental energy and avoid
mistakes). Restaurant owners will go so far as to rent vehicles to fill the

People want what is in short supply.

Now, it’s cool to play the hustle game, close deals, chase down con-
tracts if you are an agency, or you are selling skin cream or water filters.

But when you are selling yourself as an expert, it’s oddly suspicious to

I call this the big paradox.

People get creeped out because they feel “If you’re so good, why do you
have to try and sell me?” This is the core reason why everyone gets paid
low fees, and gets no respect or traction in their industry.

Does chasing work?

Yep. And so does walking, but I prefer to drive.

There is a big difference between going fishing, and catching fish.

Many of you are stomping around in the water attempting to stab fish
with a wooden spear – spooking the fish and making them swim away
as fast as they can. Sure, you may catch a few, but you wasted a ton of
time, got soaking wet, and look stupid doing it.

Better to sprinkle a little food in the water, get those little
motherfuckers ravenous, then lay back in your boat with a bottle of
beer and hang your rod out with a big fresh piece of bait on it until you
get a bite…

Only then do you reel it in, only when the fish bites do you now
aggressively close the deal, get it?

Stop chasing, make them bite.

Nobody treks across the country to get advice from the wise man at the
bottom of the mountain who is sitting alone and shouting at you to
buy his wise advice…

It is critical, and I mean fucking critical you be seen in high demand
and low availability.

This raises your value in the marketplace.

Diamonds are worthless as sand if people stop believing they are in rare
supply, and so will you be if you keep acting like everyone else… like
you are just another handful of sand on the beach.

By showing you really want their business, is to convey to the entire
world that there is a larger supply of your time than the demand of
it – which automatically makes you undesirable and repelling.

I’m not saying it’s fair, or good. But it is real.

Because you broke the laws.

The laws of consulting…

People want what they can’t have.

People want what others want.

People want what is in rare supply.

Start playing hard to get.

This “supply and demand” scale is always in action, you can’t escape it –
make it work in your favor…

This supply of you vs the demand for you always affects two things:

How easy it is to close a deal.

How much someone is willing to pay.

If you would like higher fees with virtually no resistance, command
massive respect in your industry, and have the business world coming
to you instead of exhausting yourself trying to convince your market,
then start thinking how you can become more of a diamond.