Your Company Logo Doesn’t Matter

When starting a business, the logos, branding, colors, name, and designs are completely overrated and irrelevant.

Overrated and irrelevant until it’s time for it. Then it becomes very important and necessary.

The kiss of death is to work on all this as a distraction from what’s real first proving demand for the product to a specific market.

I am fully aware the branding, logo, and experience many times ARE the product itself – what I am talking about here is to first validate desire for your product category in general to a specific part of the market if that’s what you need to do (most of the time it is)

And of course, if the product is an invention, you must prove concept through sales before getting fancy as well.

Many people have new spins on old products, proven products into a new market, a proven business in an uncharted geographic region, or even entirely new product ideas and inventions.

It’s critical you can prove demand and actual sales from your specific configuration of Market and product before moving on to branding.

So if you can empirically prove demand through consistent sales, then you can move to taking the business to the next level via branding.

Sell something first – sales are the goal, not the fun stuff, which is usually done as creative distraction from the awkward phase of proving concept through selling.

I’ve seen endless friends figure this out the hard way – it’s extremely painful to watch $30,000, $300,000 or $3,000,000 go down the drain.

Disclaimer: This is a nuance thought and is obviously a principle and no principle is correct in all situations – critical thinking is required.